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Where’s Your Royal Place?

Where’s Your Royal Place?

The royal wedding was a hit according to what was shown on TV and the millions who watched it around the world. We may not be personally in or going to a royal wedding but can we put our royal on?


If I’m planning a trip I always try to add something to my wardrobe that includes the color purple because when I wear the color purple I somehow feel like I’ve up my game. I feel extra special and royal, so when traveling do you-try to up your game by what you wear in fashion or even where you go? A trip to a hot spring, weekend spa retreat or favorite beach resort, special night on the town or theatre show.


Life can be busy we all know, but why not plan a royal trip so you can wear your royal fashion, It may be right where you live. Have you seen all that your location offers? I decided to look closer at my state and find those hidden gems that make it royal.

My pic to come soon.

Where is your royal place? Feel free to comment below.



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