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What’s With The ABCs?

What’s With The ABCs?
Awesome Alliterations for April


Mom and I are going to be doing something new here on the blog. We’re participating in a little blogging event called the A to Z challenge. I’ve done it with one of my older blogs back in 2012-2014 and thought it would be fun to try again.


Our blog has four main categories of life, if you didn’t notice them they’re the headings at the top of this page: Adventure, At Home, Body & Mind, and Relationships.


Each day of the challenge we’ll offer an alliteration, tip, and category that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. There will be 26 posts in all. This is new for us and a lot of work so we’re going to do our best to keep the posts short and to the point.


2018 a to z challenge banner image


Have a blog of your own that you’d like people to visit? Here’s the link to the rules if you’re interested in joining us. There will be hundreds of blogs with tons of new content this month.


Many of them will be doing interesting posts with their own specific theme to fit the A to Z challenge. If you find one you like, sign up right away and visit Monday through Saturday.


We’ll even comment on a few that we find interesting, so be on the lookout for that.


We welcome you to comment on our posts with your own experiences. Share what you find if it’s useful. Ask questions if you want to know more about a particular subject. Mom and I are pretty laid back here, as you’ve seen, so don’t worry, we’ll be back to two posts a week in May. Have a great month and come back soon.

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