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Virtual Baking With Friends

Virtual Baking With Friends

We all find our friendships refreshing and the benefits can mean more than we ever thought they could be. I recently had an opportunity to participate with my friend in a virtual reality cookie bake. My participation involved me using my listening skills while my friend did a virtual cookie bake over the phone.


That is being there without physically being there.


My friend decided on this snow storm day to bake chocolate chip cookies.
She usually does not bake but was inspired by my previous post and the taste of a cookie she had at a place she does not frequent but decided to try, Caribou Coffee.


She really is not a baker but wanted to try and make these cookies in a box mix that only needed one egg and a stick of butter.


I know, easy, right?


So as she took out the ingredients she walked me through the process and I gave feedback back on measurements and she talked about the size and thickness she wanted. The description of the dough, what it smelled like.


She thought they smelled of coffee, but I thought maybe the dark chocolate morsels was maybe the real smell, just chocolate. The temperature of the oven at 375 and time it would take for one tablespoon or two depending on the size of cookie you wanted was 10-12 minutes.


image of chocolate cookies on a bed of coffee beans


So sharing details of what your doing can make it like virtual reality with any food you choose to make. The light went off, why not try with other things. It keeps you engaged. And not falling asleep on them.


You have to be a BFF in order to hang out over the phone during a cookie bake. Having good listening skills is a must.


It also gave us time to catch up because we had not talked much because I was out of town for some weeks. I actually felt like I was baking with her without being there.


Except when the first batch came out on that cookie sheet and it was time to try one. My mouth was watering for the taste, she, of course, did try one with almond milk, which sounded divine.



Now I know you’re wondering when will I get to try these delicious cookies with some, milk well that’s the only drawback with virtual baking you have to wait on the finished product, maybe for some days.


When I think about it if I just like the idea and don’t need to taste the results this is a good way to have a cookie without actually having it and worrying about if it’s going to be sweet on the lips but also hitting the hips later.


You could also encourage your friend to share them with others, family friends or a fundraiser. Waiting until you get them also builds a waiting attitude and patience. Qualities that can help you in life.


What kind of things have you done for your BFF? Please leave your comments.

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