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Turn It Up

Turn It Up

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Turn It Down and Turning It Up


There is a lot going on in the world that needs to be turned down.

My suggestion to all is to turn up the love.


It starts when your young, the love must be shown. Do we find ourselves talking about it but never really showing it?


Like many things that we have not experienced love may be one of them so it makes it hard to do. It can be achieved even if we are unfamiliar with what it looks like. It just has to be shown by all. That’s how we learn.


Have you turned down a job or project because you thought it was going to be hard to handle or would not fit your schedule or even was not what you wanted to be doing right now?


It may be time to turn it up.


Sometimes we have to accept those things but they don’t have to be permanent. They could be temporary, but helpful for the time being.


Shelina these are two things that have been on my mind lately what do think? Please comment below.

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