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Telemedicine ~Virtual Health Care

Telemedicine ~Virtual Health Care

I recently read an article in AARP about future medicine. What caught my eye was that Mercy Health Care has taken virtual health care to a new level. A hospital without patients and an experiment in telemedicine. I personally did not know that this even existed until I read about it. Apparently, it’s been around since 2015. 


The patients perspective did show some conveniences such as reducing the travel time you have to go through for routine visits according to George Go, MD., of Kaiser Permanente Northwest. 


Managing chronic conditions like I have such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. helps doctors out to act immediately when Service is needed. It also allows you to have an appointment right from your bed. Who knew? 


We may have some high expenses from seeing specialists that may not be in our network of doctors. Telehealthcare will allow your primary doctor along with others to do a virtual visit to reduce visit and possible cost out of pocket.


The article also mentions first-class care anywhere, so living far from a city or country still gets you Service.


This was encouraging to me and gives me some more insight on what to do as a traveler.


It’s always good to have the latest updates in health care so that you can make informed choices for yourself or a loved one. Thanks to AARP we have future information that we can use or look forward to in other Hospitals that will help in our care and services.


Please take the time to read more about virtual health care in the area hospitals where you live or through AARP 2018 March magazine issue, feel free to leave your comments.

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