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Don’t Get Taxed During Tax Season

Don’t Get Taxed During Tax Season

Hello everyone, tax season is in effect for those of us in the U.S. Every year we have to do it and every year we seem to stress about it.


Let’s try to get through it without so much stress this time.


It’s important to know our deadlines.

Tax season started January 29 in the USA and ends April 17.  However, there are new tax reform laws that may need to be reviewed.


Have you looked at them yet? It’s very important because things do change from year to year.


It may be helpful to start by writing down the things we need track down.  Get your favorite pens or pencils and a writing pad to make your lists.


Is it difficult to get the forms you need for your taxes?


Start requesting early in case there’s a delay. Because I rent, the form I’m usually waiting for is my Certificate of Rent Paid(CPR) form that needs to be sent by January 31.

(A week before the due date if I haven’t received it, I’m requesting it from my landlord or management.) This is for your renter’s property tax refund forms M1PR and the due date is August 15. 


Employers send out there forms by January 31 and are required to be done by April 17 which most taxes are due.


So why do them early?  


Sometimes we don’t think of these things but Filing early may help prevent return fraud or identity theft, no one wants that frustration.


IRS does not give an exact date of when you receive your returns but most return backs are within 25 days of your filing unless it’s for property taxes, which you usually don’t receive back until September no matter how early you do them. 


You can file your property tax refund up to one year after due date. If you file later then that you may not get a refund due you. Most returns will come back quicker if you do e-filing verses paper filing and mailing out which causes delays.


Do you need assistance? If you’re unfamiliar with the computer for online help, where do you go for assistance?  Seniors sometimes have unique situations. Maybe our eyes are not helpful to us anymore or we’re unable to get out to the places that offer help.  What if you’re shut-in, how can you get help? 


Well, I did find out there is a solution to every problem. Most communities have volunteers who can come to you. Wow Is that great, some of you may not have known this. There usually certified preparers. You, however, may want to look into this if you have a more complicated situation and need legal assistance.


If you live in a senior home, you may have on-site personnel that can assist you. Don’t be afraid to ask, things may have changed in your life that’s prevented some independence but remember you still have some control over it. The below link will also have disability-related products if needed.


Hope this was somewhat helpful and don’t stress, but if you need more information just ask for it. You can also call your local Gov. Offices to assist or get referrals.


I want my money! Make sure you get yours. 

We all have plans for our refunds in advance. What will you do with your refund? Leave a comment below if you have questions or have tried any of the mentioned resources.


Let’s tax it up!

(Defined: Tax it up just means getting the things needed to do them and following through to get it done.)



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