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Summer Style

Summer Style

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It’s pouring rain outside and cold here in Canada as I write this but it’s still summer and that means it’s time to pull out the summer clothes and the summer hairdo. Keeping with the minimalist thing I’ve got going, there’s been a desperate need for a new summer capsule wardrobe. I’ve been holding off for two reasons:


1. I’m not at my goal weight. Who wants to try on fat clothes? Not me.

2. I’m not making enough money to replace a full year’s worth of clothes since moving from Nicaragua.


It’s time to step up to my style potential. I’ve already done the first part of the process and that’s the purging. As I mentioned in the previous post on a capsule wardrobe, I’m not interested in hanging on to anything that doesn’t flatter, fit, or needs fixing.


As I already mentioned, now is not a good time. I’m not working full-time in my dream job. I’ve got to work in order to make ends meet. That leaves little for replacing all of my worn out and outdated clothing. But I have some ideas on how to resolve this issue.

  • Have a Plan
  • Shop Around


Having a plan means:

Picking a capsule and sticking to it. That means not being enticed by sales on clothes that don’t match. I have friends and family that love to gift things too. If they don’t fit in the capsule I have to decline them. Otherwise, they’ll go from sitting in their closet to taking up space in mine.


Shopping around means:

If I don’t find it, I’ll keep looking. I also won’t be afraid to save my money to purchase quality items that will complete my capsule. That’s the nice thing about capsule wardrobes. They’re not big. That leaves you a few more pennies in order to get the kind of outfits that are not only fashionable but affordable.


The hair is another issue altogether. I need to find some styles that work with my new work and workout schedule. I’m living in an entirely new climate and it’s much drier than my hair and I are used to. Here’s where I go for help on all things hair related.


Naptural85 is my personal favorite:


I’m going to try out a few of her protective styles while I’m getting my North American wardrobe together.


What are you doing with your look this summer? I can use all the ideas I can get.

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