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Summer Home

Summer Home

Home Project: Beautify Apartment Balcony

Looking for ideas for my balcony. Our apartment is made of concrete and on the surface needs a facelift. The property management will reimburse anyone who purchases up to $75 in plants during the summer to “pretty” up their balcony as an incentive. There’s even a competition for the best balcony attached.


Not a bad incentive, to get people to care a little bit about the outside of their homes. Granted, I don’t live in a building where people will probably do much about it, but we definitely plan to make some improvements. Although windy it will be nice to have something out there. Even though some of my neighbors have taken to covering their balconies with flags or unused furniture, I really want to make a good impression.


My Goal:

Make my balcony beautiful for less than $100. I need plants and flowers that do well with afternoon sun and a windy balcony. Let’s talk about the practical matter of how I want to do this on a budget.


My Plan:

Trees: Goodwill/2nd hand
Pots: Goodwill/2nd hand
Decorations: re-use some things from around the house.
Filler: newspaper and such
Plants: Superstore? Home Depot? Canadian tire?


The only thing left to do is to decide on a color scheme. You can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. Also look for my before and after pictures for a future update.


I’d appreciate any advice or thoughts about this project. What have you done in an apartment that works?

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