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Summer Fun ~ Edmonton Style

Summer Fun ~ Edmonton Style

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The movie theaters are fighting to keep you inside with movies like Solo and Jurassic World Fallen Empire while the community is trying to keep you outside. Who will win this summer?


I’m new to Edmonton but boy do they suddenly have a lot of stuff going on. From the zoo to the streets there’s something for everyone. How do I know? These are just a few of the advertisements and things I’ve come across. This is hardly an exhaustive list.


Into animals?


Why not visit The Edmonton Valley Zoo? -It’s home to more than 350 animals and focuses on conservation, and is one of Edmonton’s premier attractions. For hours and directions check out their link here. –


Prefer to mingle with the artists?


How does this sound? 
A 4 km walk through the hearts and minds of artists. Cultural explorers are invited to see art-making in action on the streets of Old Strathcona, a vibrant art district in the historic center of Edmonton, Alberta. Over 450 visual artists bring their art supplies and artworks out into the streets. Together they create an outdoor studio and gallery spanning several blocks. The Whyte Avenue Art Walk reveals Alberta’s hidden talent and provides an opportunity for patrons to curate their own art collection from many undiscovered masters. 3 Days, Hundreds of Artists –
When: July 6 – 8, 2018. Want more information check out their site here.


Are you a foodie?


July 18-29, 2018 is the Taste of Edmonton Gourmet foods and famous local chefs check it out here.


How about fun for the whole family?


K-Days- a.k.a. Edmonton’s version of a fair runs from July 20 to 29, 2018—that’s 10 days worth of memories ready to be made! For tickets check out this link:

Want to run off some of the junk you ate at the fair?


Join me for the Edmonton 10k sponsored by Lulu athletic wear -Despite an ankle injury, I’m still in training and trying to prepare as best I can for it. Come and watch me fall on my face on July 22.



Want to try the best fresh food Edmonton has to offer?


FRESH FOOD Markets – Fresh fruit and vegetables


What about the music of Edmonton?


The TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival
brings the world’s best jazz performers to Edmonton. This one is almost coming to an end so you better hurry! June 22- July 1, 2018, for more information, check out this link:


What are you getting up to this summer? Where you live what is the primo event of the summer? Mom, I already know what you’re going to say but you can add it to the comments below 🙂

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