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Snubbing Repeat

Snubbing Repeat

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I have been feeling and experiencing snubbing from someone but for the life of me, I don’t know why this is happening. I do know that the person doing the snubbing has a pattern of displaying this type of behavior toward others as well. It’s not a loving thing to do to those who you claim to be your friends or family.


What do you do when this happens?


I thought that maybe I did something wrong, which most of us may think at first.  Then I thought that maybe it was something they were personally going through and just wanted to be left alone.


I realized that was not true either, because on several occasions, with and without others around I was the only one that did not get eye contact or words of encouragement or any conversation just snubbing.


Despite my efforts to be friendly and try small talk. It Felt awkward and confusing.


This has been going on for some time now, so I began to keep my distance not knowing how long this hurtful behavior would continue.


Sometimes a person may feel a certain way about you and react and show unusual behavior that you may or may not have contributed to.


Because this has happened to me before by this person I admit I was unsure how to handle it this time.


My past experience was to contact them in private. I tried phoning, writing, visiting there home with no success.  Eventually, over time they approached me and I was told it’s me not you.  I could have asked for an explanation of my treatment by them but felt it best to let it go because at that time, I no longer wanted to be weighed down with anything that felt heavy on my heart.


Now I’m in the same position again. I’m finding it hard to trust what they say. You know the saying “action speaks louder than words.” Snubbing is a bad habit to develop and is an insult whether intentional or not.


How long?


There seems to be a breakthrough. I was called over and the person finally acknowledged me and told me that they were showing distance towards me. Because again “it’s me not you” and that they were trying to work things out. Again never saying why or what caused this ill will towards me.


Do you have people in your life that you have to keep at arm’s length because of there snubbing behavior? Love is longsuffering and kind. If this has happened to you remember what the qualities of love are and feel free to ask that question why are you or have you been snubbing me?


You may be helped to understand and stop the repeat offender.

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