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Sleep Much?

Sleep Much?

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Sleep why do we need it?


Sleeping is part of our being. When we struggle with sleep it may be our mattress. How can we get the best mattress for our buck? It has been said that it must be changed every eight to ten years if your sleeping on it every night.


How about our pillow, does it also play a part in the sleeping process?


I remember as a young person, there were so many of us that we had to share a bed with. I do not remember if I had a pillow or if the mattress was a good one or not. When did the getting of bed support to sleep well start to be so important to us?


When I wake up with body pain I blame my bed, as if it is beating me up at night. Are the pains in our bodies from the mattress we sleep on or have the commercialism in the world mislead us into thinking we have a problem we really don’t have? Well, we do need sleep, without it our bodies won’t get the rest it needs.


One of the things I have tried that works is having a schedule that’s consistent and allows me to get to bed at a reasonable hour to get eight or nine hours of sleep. Let’s face it, we have to give our bodies what it needs.


It also does not hurt to have a decent mattress, especially if you’re in your later years of life.


What do you recommend? Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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