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Now & Later Romantic Gift Ideas

Now & Later Romantic Gift Ideas

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This time of year you may be looking for gift ideas for someone special in your life. Maybe you’ve been together for years, maybe you’ve only recently gotten together. For those of us on a budget the pressure to give someone a gift can be overwhelming.

So how can you show that special person in your life that you care, make it personal, and not break the bank?

When you’re short on time, you may have one or two stores where you can stop to get supplies and limited time to put it all together.

Here are a few DIY and personal ideas to get you started:

mason jar and chocolate kisses image

1.   Jar of Joy



Hershey Kisses

Label for outside of Jar

Optional: lid decoration

Message = “A kiss/heart for every day we’re apart”


image of a picture frame and dry erase marker

2.   Passionate Picture Frame


Picture Frame

Picture, map, or decorative paper

White erase marker,

Message = “I love you because______”




image of gummy worms and can with Hooked on You label


3.   Fishing Lure of Love


Tackle box or pill box

Fish themed candy for ‘bait’

Message = “I’m hooked on you”


4.    Beloved Box


One Box (romantic themed)

Something sentimental that means something to you both.

Fillers: Candle, flower petals, card, candies, chocolates etc…


5 gift boxes for 5 senses image

5. Sense and Sensuality


5 small matching bags/boxes filled with one gift for each sense

Taste – treats

Touch – soft, satin, lace

Smell – candle, incense, perfume

Hear – music, or playlist options

See – something you want to see on your significant other



When you’ve got a little more time and money together here are a few experiences you can put together that are sure to make a happy home.


image of nicely made bed, rose petals, two champagne glasses, and candles


The Hotel Experience: 

Turn your bedroom into a hotel suite.



a nicely made bed


scented candles 

flowers as many as you can


spa night image


The Spa Experience


White/off-white towels and sheets to pull off the spa look

 Lightly scented candles or incense

Relaxing mix of music that is at least one to two hours long 

Massage oils (unscented if you’ve used scented candles/heated oils are best)

Do some massage techniques in advance to top off this experience or hire a private masseuse for a couples massage (they bring their own tables 🙂




The Dance Experience

Sign up for dance lessons. This is a tried and true method for getting closer and gives you at least a month of weekly date nights.

There are all kinds of options available. I suggest one that incorporates a variety of dances including meringue, salsa, waltz, foxtrot, and the tango.

As a final date: go out and show off your new dancing skills.



The Game Experience

This is fun because it incorporates DIYs and personalized messages. Here are a few examples.

Jenga for lovers

Game suggestion jar

52 card pick up lines

RPG games for the digitally inclined



The Scavenger Hunt Experience

I put this one last because it is my favorite and most well received. It also takes the most time and money to pull off.

First, you have to map out your hunt and decide on the radius of your lover’s travel and time it will take to get from one thing to the next.

Remember, what you choose to hide, letters, gifts, clues, are all up to you.

This can be a citywide, neighborhood, or a home experience, you decide.


Want more ideas? Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more romantic gift ideas and images not shown here. In a long distance relationship? Check out our ideas here.

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