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One me and One you

One me and One you

A Poem for Memaw


There’s only one me and only one you.


I was allowed to be, by you, at an age so young in adulthood with already three before me. This city of brotherly love was my starting place in life and where My foundation began to be set. Playing on the streets with friends each day didn’t have time to watch the tv play. Jump rope, hopscotch,


Jacks and cards were some of the games we played, along with some that we made up.


Some challenges I faced started in schools, elementary, junior and high.


But I got through and life carried on with new chapters and new struggles.


I have faced the losses and built on the memory’s, enjoyed and shared the talents given. My life has expanded to include many more gems but my start was with the only one you.


There’s only one me and only one you


You gave me the love you could, even if I sometimes did not feel it. You gave me instruction even though I did not always follow it. Your life is important and will always be to me. You have your own journey but never give up on me.


You’re at the age in life that may be scary to you but remember your God whom you’ve always held close to you. Your strength may be fading in a physical way but your spiritual strengths will help you see another day.


I remember your hard work, the teaching, the meals, the skills you knew we needed in life to use as We also became wives and mothers. I’ve seen You be generous and kind and how you opened your doors to help others. You played a major role in my life by setting a foundation and example as a mother.


That’s why there’s only one me and only one you.

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