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Marriage An Investment

Marriage An Investment

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When we make an investment it’s usually because there is a reward in it. The marriage arrangement as an investment can be daunting to some but can also be joyous with rewards. When you’re married for a long time people always ask you how are you doing it? Being one of the people who has lasted so far for many years, I feel that my experience is mine to speak on. It certainly is an investment but it also takes love, commitment, teamwork, communication, and trust.


One thing it is not and that is everyday bliss. You have good days and bad days I will not say how many of each because it’s about the work you both put into it. Will the emotional support, physical and spiritual be there?


There is always at some time during your marriage a lack of one of these elements missing. That’s where investing comes in or you may feel like you have to cut your losses and get out. Making difficult decisions in our lives is part of life, that includes the ones in marriage.



It always starts off that you’re in love or you grow to love. Let’s look at growing to love someone. Like anything that you try to grow it starts off small, like a seed being planted. You have to water or invest in its growth. Taking care not to overdo it because the results may be disastrous.



How much are you willing to invest? Is it short-term only attitude or is it a long-term investment. Have you made up your mind that no matter what happens you’re committed? Do you have a limit as to how much you’re going to invest? All of this is good to know.



This is a big deal, For me, it is essentially a building block to making things work. It takes two, both have talents that contribute to the strength of the marriage. You’ve heard the saying, two heads are better than one. You have a backup, you have support, you have two minds about it.



Over time this can become less and less or none at all. When you invest in something you check in from time to time to see if you’re making some headway or if your losing. With communication, I feel that you can take the other person for granted. Oh, they know what I’m thinking, have you heard this before? By not including the other person in decision-making that affects both or not listening because you have checked out of the conversation or feel it’s not important enough to speak on, then you have checked out. Are you checking in and being heard? Let’s keep it real, you have to communicate with each other or the conversation will be with someone else and the loss can be great.



Most people start off trusting or they don’t invest in the first place. Certainly true in marriage. This is a big deal! If something or someone can’t be trusted you may not want to invest and ultimately you’re going to want out. You have to want to do this, are allow enough time so that trust can be earned by both. What is needed is:





& Belief, 

in order to trust and have a long-term commitment.


My marriage is always a work in progress because if you stop working on it, the walls will crumble then the foundation and then there is nothing to invest in. There will be rewards and benefits for both of you. It will take work. If you care enough to want a long-term marriage invest in it!


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