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I Am Not My Hair

I Am Not My Hair

Why do we have hair? The impact of not having it. What’s available for those of us who want it, after losing it.


This is a subject that is sensitive to me because I know of many women who have had to suffer the loss of there hair because of illness or it was just hereditary. In the genes!


They may have just wanted to make a statement of being free in their own skin.


So tackling the why was just as important to cover the impact of not having it.  Hair is part of our normal Armor.


The hair on our scalps protects from the sun, our eyelashes defends us from bugs, dust, other irritating things that may be flying about. Most likely the hair-we have on our bodies gives us a warning against threats of things that can harm us or even help us.


Many may start to have a gradual hair loss or thinning as they get older. When we read about all the different reasons we lose our hair it can be daunting.


So what can we do about it?

I can not say what’s best for anyone in this position of hair loss.


We have much to be thankful for in our lives and there is much available now to help us all out.  It’s up to us which route we would like to take in our decision making. Most things start with how we feel and our attitude about it. 


Notice how this person handled her truth about her hair loss. Her hair loss started off gradual but within two years it was mostly all gone due to medications and maybe part heredity. She never really liked wigs but she experimented with them on and off over the years. She even had advice from friends and family, but ultimately she got to a point where she had to make a decision.


When the time came for her to do something she chose, not hair club for women or other treatments but chose to shop for a wig that was close as possible to her original hair.  After finding what she liked, she stuck with it over the years and even changed up now and again.

Funny Story

Something happened that made me appreciate these women even more then I had before.


On this particular day, it was raining. As one who can relate to hair and Rainey days and what it can do to the hair, I knew the dilemma. Do you wear a hat, your wig, your scarf wrap or just stay inside that day? Well, she decided on the wig but also wanted to wear her fancy rain hat over her hair and bring her umbrella if needed.


This is how the events happened that day and will help us to see how she viewed her hair loss.


As I mentioned it was raining, but the umbrella she had was one of those folded up small less than perfect styles, but a go-to type in a pinch.  The rain had picked up and required more coverage so as she walked along with her friend in conversation the wind started to whip the umbrella so it made it hard to hold straight, somehow one of the prongs caught on to her hat and both the hat and her wig came off her head and hit the ground and started rolling down the street, what did she do?


Her immediate response was, of course, to chase it down and pick them up. In which she did, both being still connected together she put them back on and kept going on her way, oh she did ask her friend if it was on straight and after confirming they continued on.


Wow, this has never happened before, did she feel embarrassed about it? Yes, at the time but not to the point that she allowed it to keep her from continuing on in her journey that day.


What would you have done?

The experience taught her a great lesson. Our attitudes about our circumstances can determine who we are and how we handle the things that are unforeseen in our life.  This woman laughs about this incident down to this day and shares her story with friends.


What’s the lesson for us? We may have a hair loss but it does not define who we are.  If you personally choose to eliminate your hair to be free, then be free. Don’t allow the losses in your life stop you from your journey. If I  wanted to rock a bald head it would be up to me. I love wig shops and fancy hats and scarves how about you?


Please comment or read my daughters opinion on the subject of hair loss. There’s always two minds about it.

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