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Try this: Countdown to Relax

Try this: Countdown to Relax

One of the most common complaints we get here at Two Minds is that people are so stressed that they can’t focus on anything else, let alone their goals. 

To be honest, I’ve done some research on relaxation in the past and here’s what the professionals suggest. Setting aside time during the week for relaxation techniques is the surest way to ease tension and get control of your thoughts. This technique for relaxation has been around for some time and has been very useful to me over the years.


Free Your Mind

One of the things I do to relax is free my mind of the clutter.

This means, taking some time to put away the cares or problems stored inside.

You can do this by getting yourself to a quiet place.

Sit in your favorite chair or chaise, and begin the countdown.

image of a three photo collage including a chair, relaxing feet, and spa candle


Let’s begin with your sight.

Look for four different things in the space around you.

Then close your eyes and eliminate those four things from your mind one at a time as you count down from four to three then two and finally one.


Next focus on four things you can actually hear around you.

Maybe it’s a clock, a car driving by, your breathing etc.

Then eliminate one sound from your mind at a time. Keeping your eyes closed.


Finally, move four parts of your body one at a time.

For example, tap your foot or flex it depending on your position, right then left.

Turn your head from left to right, touch each finger to your thumb from index to middle and down the line until you have been through each finger of each hand.  

Then do the same as you did for the sounds, start eliminating each part chosen counting backward from 4 to 1.


Focus On Your Breathing

The last thing is breathing in and out. Count back from 20 slowly until your breathing has slowed and your mind is clear.

That’s it!

Focusing on your senses one at a time is a method of relaxing.

So let’s de-clutter together.


Give it a try and tell me what you think. What do you do to relax?  

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