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Try This: Cold & Flu Remedies

Try This: Cold & Flu Remedies

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This week has been nothing but cold here in Minnesota. It’s Super Bowl LII (52) week and I have officially gotten the flu. What a bummer! Stuck indoors with influenza virus. Even though I had a flu shot months ago I still got it. Having underlining health issues has made me more susceptible to the virus.


We know it’s been and continues to be a rough season for all especially baby boomers and infants. According to the CDC, this is the deadliest flu season since years past spreading to 49 states with large pediatric deaths for babies not treated for this virus. There have been many suggestions for treating this invasive thing but what works best is much preventive care if possible.


Here is the recommended prevention:

Hand washing frequently!

Be careful about touching door handles and knobs and then touching parts of your face eyes or mouth etc.

Keep countertops sterilized and clean

Listen to your body-monitor your system and symptoms


The difference between a cold and flu is that a cold usually comes on gradually with coughing. The flu will come quick and fast with body aches, fever, diarrhea, nausea, headache, and coughing that will make you feel even worse because you now have chest pain and rib aches because of all that coughing.


Here are my recommended healers:

First and foremost call your doctor for instructions if need be.

Get that temperature down: I used my cold pack and a cold and flu medicine. 

Try not to cough too much, this will save you from chest and rib pain: use a cough suppressant if it helps. Avoid anything that encourages phlegm or mucus. (See dairy warning below).

Fluid up: drink plenty of fluids so you don’t become dehydrated. This is the most dangerous thing, especially if you are often in the bathroom. Water with electrolytes are probably best, but fluids, in general, will help the healing process.


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Soup it up: I put garlic in all my soups. Even if you start smelling like garlic it’s worth the smell to get better. If you don’t have the energy to cook put the crockpot on. Just make sure there’s lots of fluid in your soup.

Vitamin C always helps and can be included in fluids. My daughter’s nurse friends always recommend Emergen-C, as it is a concentrated booster and comes in a powdered form that can be included in liquids.


image of vitamin c boost with ginger, orange slices and glass drink


Stay away from dairy: milk and milk products increase the phlegm you are trying to get rid of in order to keep chest clear. If you don’t, you could wind up with pneumonia.

Get plenty of sleep: rest your body. Even when you think you’re starting to feel better. Get more rest. The danger of going out too soon is having a relapse as the virus may not be entirely out of your system.


If the above things work for you like they did for me you may well be on your way to recovery. If you’re not seeing results fast enough contact your doctor again for further instructions.


I’ll be watching the Super Bowl LII on TV this year and cheering on the Eagles my home team. In the meantime, for my health to be a touchdown, I’ll have beat, the flu! 


Please share with us what works for you and your family. Bonus question: Did you watch the Super Bowl? Comment below.

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