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Bathroom Need Remodeling?

Bathroom Need Remodeling?


I don’t currently own a home, but I have in the past and I know friends and family who have homes. Sometimes you have to do some renovating as time goes by because let’s face it, things wear out over time.

One room in particular in the house that’s used quite often in our daily lives. 

The bathroom.

Why is it that we procrastinate?
Why is it sometimes a struggle?


It can certainly be overwhelming if we’ve never remodeled a bathroom before. Fear of the unknown is what usually holds us back.


One of my friends recently decided to do an upgrade to hers. These are the questions we discussed.


First thing is to count the cost:

What work do you need to accomplish?
Do you need a complete overhaul of the bathroom, or just a replacement of the vanity, toilet, or shower?
Who is buying all the supplies needed?
Will this be a personal project in which you use your own skills?
Do you need an experienced professional?
Do you have some contacts or a network of people you could utilize to help get things started?
Is there someone in the home that you need to consult with during the decision making process?


image reading DIY or Hired Help banner of bathroom sink


All these questions need to be answered before you feel comfortable starting such a project.


Consider the age of all bathroom users.

I say that because depending on where you are in life it may determine how you make this particular room accessible.


Are handrails needed for older ones living in the home?
Will you need a seat for your shower?
Does the entry to shower and bath allow for easy access for those in a wheelchair?
Could the entire bathroom be more spacious?
Do you need a higher or better functioning toilet?
Do you need a lower or more user-friendly vanity?


image for accessible bathroom


All of these things we need to take into account when we’re getting up in age.

Easy and simple is a must.


If you’re thinking about doing a home renovation, I hope the above questions will help you in working out how you’ll proceed. Make your next bathroom upgrade or remodel easier for yourself. The goal when you’re all done is a bathroom that the whole family can enjoy.


Have you done a remodel of the bathroom in your home? What’s stopping you? Comments welcome below.

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