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About Us


Hey there Mighty Minds,

First, mom and I want to thank you for checking out our little corner of the blogosphere.

I’m Shelina, Sheila’s daughter. 

Let me geek out for a minute:

Are you a Browncoat, Trekkie, Whovian or an original Star Wars fan?

Then may the force be with you, and before you beam out like a leaf on the wind, check out the rest of this site because it’s bigger on the inside. If you’re into all things sci-fi & fantasy than maybe this site might be a better place for you :).

I’ve always loved giving advice and entertaining people but before I became a blogger I had a variety of different jobs. Some of my more interesting ones were as an actress, American sign language interpreter, and author.

My travel experiences have taught me a lot and you’ll find my stories under ‘adventures.’ So far I’ve been to 23 countries around the world but I’m aiming for 50.

This blog came about as an answer to how I could help others. I wanted to help people achieve their goals, and live their dreams by doing things like, being more healthy, traveling the world, and maintaining healthy relationships.

photo of Shelina and Matt
Shelina with husband Matt


Wondering if it’s possible?

I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is. Soon you’ll be sharing your story just like me.

Remember this one thing:

Only you can fulfill your dreams and only you can tell your story.

But don’t take my word for it, if you need a second opinion just ask my mom.

Hello there, I’m Sheila, mom of Two Minds About It.

image of sheila wearing black sweater and bright scarf

This idea of Blogging was pitched to me by my daughter Shelina. I had reservations about doing it only because of my lack of experience. This sometimes stops many of us from just doing something new. Now that I have finally had time to wrap my mind around this, I said why not? I am a young senior, married 40 years, with two grown children and something to share.

I have found that wanting to reinvent myself means adjusting my attitude about my life. Making changes that help you turn that next page in your life. I call it adding on.

I have always loved to travel, whether it’s through books, TV, movies, or physically by transportation that works for me. I consider myself an arts-and-crafts gal because I love making and trying to make new things, especially if they’re a challenge. 

Children can be a joy in one’s life and mine are the best, of two worlds.I have two children, a son, and a daughter, who you’ve met in this blog. Growing up with many sisters was a challenge and still can be at times.


image of Sheila painting


Over the years I have grown to love people and continue to widen out and meet others. I enjoy learning from others and also sharing what I can to help others add on those small and large moments in life we all may be struggling with.

If our two minds can be a source for you or experience for you to add on in your life, please continue to check us out.