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A-Z Challenge Yucky or Yummy

A-Z Challenge Yucky or Yummy

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Y is for Yucky or Yummy


Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy.


This is how I felt as a child I felt about candy. I loved the candy store. I knew just about all the candy that my local corner store carried. Back in the day, of course, the cost was much less then they charge today.


I remember in fourth grade there was a boy who liked me and he always asked me what candy I liked. Because I visited the store a lot I had a list of things that were my favorites. My relationship with candy was serious and long-term.


I don’t think I had come across any yucky experiences. I had a private party one time with my kids. My daughter can vouch for that. I looked for as many of those favorite candy’s I enjoyed as a kid so they could maybe have a little bit of the same experience I had. They loved them as much as me.  They got to feel the same yummy and love I felt in my tummy.


I never got cavities no matter how much candy I ate so I was not concerned too much about them getting them at least at the time. I kept them up to date with dentist visits after that though.


Looking back to that time, was more than the yummy relationship with candy but it was one of the best and fun times spent with my kids. By the way, some of those yummy candies are still around but the taste may have changed.


Remember candy necklaces? Be careful, your neck will still get sticky!


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