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A-Z Challenge Weak or Wise

A-Z Challenge Weak or Wise

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W is for Weak or Wise


I recently spoke to a young man who was concerned about his weak eating habits. He mentioned that because of his family history he felt the need to step up and start taking better care of his health. He started with working out to remove the fat and build muscle in his body and changing his food intake.


This made me think about how much do men really concern themselves with there health nowadays. You see all these commercials on TV that stress the need for checkups to prevent falling victim to something that can be prevented. Then you don’t check out!


How do we help our loved ones be wise in their decisions about health?


Prevention is the key. Find out the underlying cause for there concerns. Then work along with them in doing research or making phone calls or finding answers to there questions.


Some people are self-motivators, but others or not and need assistance.


So order that Men’s Health magazine as a gift for your loved one you care about and help him become wise and not weak in his decision about health.


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