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A-Z Challenge Victor or Vanquished

A-Z Challenge Victor or Vanquished

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V is for Victor or Vanquished


I’ve been reading Mindless Eating by and I made some interesting discoveries about myself. As you already know I’ve been struggling with my weight a bit since returning to the North American diet and this author had some great insights on things to do in order to combat the ever-increasing weight gain.


I made a goal a while back to increase my water intake and so far since making a small change to what I drink out of, I’ve been doing great. I also managed to get to the gym once a week for the last two weeks. (Still working up to three times a week, we’ll get there.)


All that’s left is the food. I don’t believe in diets for the same reasons you don’t but then I got to thinking, about it and I have to cut or change something there too.


The Mindless Eating approach was recommended by one of my closest friends, Christine. She raved about it and I put it on my to-read list immediately. I think I was on the hold list for a month or two that’s how popular this book is. Now I’m thinking of just buying it. Either way, this is worth the read.


Here’s what I took from it:

Set three attainable goals.

Making a daily goal of three small adjustments means that daily you’re going to do something. A failure isn’t really a failure if you do two out of three or at least one thing. I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. I’m already trying this three goals ideas in other areas of my life.


Use smaller plates, bowls, and containers.

Yes, it’s psychological but it works. If you have a larger plate to fill you’ll fill it. If you use a small plate and fill it, you’re already eating less. Taking my larger plates back to Goodwill and getting more reasonable sized plates. (Those square ones look good but really they’re just large platters posing as serving plates.)


One plate of food per meal.

Instead of thinking about seconds, put how much food on your plate you’re going to eat and then when you’re done, be done. I like this approach because it gives you more time to begin the digestion process and leaves room for dessert. Of course, your dessert doesn’t fit on this plate so now you’ve made room for it ahead of time. This helps you to avoid feeling so stuffed after meals.


Reprogram comfort foods.

Most people have non-sweet comfort foods, like turkey dinners, and grandma’s home cooked meals. I tend to turn toward chocolates and sweets. When paired with something healthy like fruit it is suggested that your brain will begin to associate the more healthy foods with the comfort that your comfort food brings. For example, instead of ice cream and chocolate syrup, trying ice cream with berries. 


Of course, there were a ton more options and suggestions. (These were my three). I think you’re already doing something like this, Mom, but let me know if you’ve tried something like this.


Let us know if you’ve read it and what you thought or if you’re interested in reading more about it by commenting below.


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