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A-Z Challenge Useful or Useless

A-Z Challenge Useful or Useless

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U is for Useful or Useless


Somethings that we deem useless in our homes can become useful.


Well, I found this out when I was working with some small children under age five who desperately needed to do something useful with their time.


Me being a big fan of DIY projects my first thought was to think of something fun at a low cost that they could do. I remember seeing on Pinterest a project of using useless items in the home to do fun stuff. One of these was the useless toilet paper roll that most of us discard once the paper is gone.


I decided I would try and start saving these paper rolls, thinking that I could make all kinds of things with these. I started with something fun, butterflies. Pinterest is amazing for getting ideas and this was no exception.

Having construction paper and wrapping paper on hand from other projects I’ve done. I began covering them all with different colors and prints. I needed wings for the butterflies so I used my drawing skills to make and cut out on some printing paper. You can, of course, find a print also.


Kids like to draw and use stickers. Once I had the main pieces I was ready to introduce this project to the kids. It was so much fun seeing them decorate the wings with their own fun design. We then glued them on the useless toilet paper roll that has now become useful and we had some great results.


Kids also love to use glue. Some close supervision is required. Try using a crafting tablecloth if need be. I wanted this project to be their pride and joy, so we added a magnet strip to the back of them so they could be put on refrigerator along with other artwork at home. We also used a hole puncher to put a cord on top for hanging, or just plop on something. I loved it as much as the kids and now I think twice about what I perceive as useless in the home, because it may become useful again.


Have you found something useless now useful in your home?

Look around!


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