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A-Z Challenge This or That

A-Z Challenge This or That

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T is for This or That


Apartment living has its challenges as I’ve already mentioned before. The issue around real, fake, annual, perennial plants and flowers is another.


The one thing my home is missing at the moment is plants. There are a few reasons behind that, but I don’t want to get into it at the moment. For the sake of brevity let’s just get to the point.


Living in an apartment in North America means that your home is mostly airtight. There are limits to where and how you can hang your plants and flowers when you’ve paid a deposit. However, you decide to do it there are a few things I’ll be keeping in mind during my hunt this spring for foliage.


Real Plants

I have to consider that my dog has never lived with greenery inside the home. I’m not really sure what she’ll do. She’s never had a taste for anything other than the occasional blade of grass.


They require a bit of planning. Lighting and nearness to the windows of the home will be my biggest concern. I’ll be looking for some height and interesting shapes when I shop. Small trees and large plants being my favorites for the living room since that room has the biggest windows.


There are also herbs I could get for use in cooking. I don’t love to cook but I like good food and half the battle is the ingredients. I live in a dry climate here and it means a lot more water for the plants. I made need to set up a schedule for watering them.


Annual Flowers

The best thing about annuals is that they come in so many different shapes and colors. The bad thing is they don’t last long. Price will be my primary concern when it comes to annuals. They last longer than a bouquet of flowers but not all year. With tax season upon us this spring I won’t be making too many of these purchases. I may be missing out but there’s always next year.


Fake Plants

There is a time and a place for fake plants and flowers. For example in a bathroom or kitchen with no natural lighting. Small succulents and long stem flowers from the dollar store are a favorite of mine. They add a touch of color and design without costing a lot. I haven’t invested in succulents yet but they’re on my list.


Perennial Flowers

Living on the fifth floor of a high rise apartment with a large balcony, means for the first time, I might be able to invest in some flowers this year but I don’t have any dirt to call my own. Does that mean flowering perennials are out? No, actually I did a little research and it turns out there are options for us living in apartment settings. Not the easiest to care for but the most rewarding is the orchid. There are plenty of varieties to try and they flower continuously if you know what you’re doing. (Which I don’t) Not sure I’m going to start with this one. I might go for something a little easier.


Mom, you’re in an apartment too, what do you have? Any ideas for things to look out for this spring? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.


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