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A-Z Challenge Put Off or Put On

A-Z Challenge Put Off or Put On

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P is for Put Off or Put On House Cleaning


Put off procrastination and put on the power of cleaning. I need to tackle my floors I’ve been putting off doing. I’m a lover of dancing, and you need the right floors to get your footwork on. When I get those floors of mine Mr. clean shine. They make me want to dance like no one is watching!


You can actually dance where ever you want or whenever you feel like it. But will you feel like it, if every time you look at those floors at home your not able to because you’re putting off cleaning them?


What can help with this? First I need to get the supply’s ready that I need to do the floors. Once that’s done pick a time that works best for you and family. I’ve decided to pick the time before bedtime. So that when I get up the next morning I’m ready to get my dance on as I get ready for my day.


Then comes the best part, get yourself in the mood by putting on your music and get busy. Since I was determined to get this done I got to cleaning and singing and tapping my feet to my favorite beat.


I got it done, y’all! No more putting off. I’m all about putting it on. No matter what chore you’ve been procrastinating on doing if this concept works for you, stop putting off what you can put on in your home today.


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3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Put Off or Put On”

  • I can’t clean to my favorite tunes because I get wanting to dance – like away from the work.
    So I blare something lively but undance-able, like Gilbert & Sullivan. (YMMV with this music, I grant you. But the idea might work!) 🙂

    Happy A-Z’ing!

  • Hi,
    Found your blog in the Master List of the A2Z Challenge.
    Very interesting posts. Read quite a few of them, and I could related to many of them.
    I am one who tends to postpone things. But keep always telling me not to do that.
    That tendency to put off, comes from some instances, when not reacting immediately and waiting for some time helps resolve things much faster.
    But that is not always the case. Things could deteriorate if we put off things for too long.
    Looking forward to your future posts.
    Take care.
    Pradeep (Time and Tide)

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