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A-Z Challenge Manageable or Mess The Bullet Journal

A-Z Challenge Manageable or Mess The Bullet Journal

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M is for Manageable or Mess The Bullet Journal


You’re busy and you’ve got a lot to do, so how do you keep track of all that needs to be done? Mom, you’re one of those people with a Filofax type of organization that has always amazed me. What’s more amazing is how you find everything after you’ve taken so many notes over the years. I’ve never been into that much paper although I love to journal. It’s my love of those journals that moved me to use a more hands-on approach to my to-do list rather than an app.


Before I get into how the bullet journal works let me ask you:


Do you lose track of things? (i.e. numbers, names, locations, assignments)

Do you miss important dates? (i.e. due dates for projects, appointments, and anniversaries)

Do you have trouble using a digital planner? (i.e. reminder lists, to-do lists, calendars, etc.)


Then a bullet journal might be the solution you’re looking for. I’m not as good at explaining it concisely as I’d like to so check out the video from the guy who invented the system.



If you feel like you need even more check out his website, it’s full of helpful tips. I’ve suggested to you that I use a bullet journal. It’s practical, it’s simple, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Here’s why it works for me.


I’m on my computer, tablet, and smartphone all day, but I still miss important things if I don’t write them down by hand. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about having everything written out. It’s organized in a way that’s easy to continue and keep track of things.

When I move on to a new journal the old journal is still available for easy reference. I can find exactly what I want to find from two years ago because of the easy indexing system that it uses. I also know what’s been on my to-do list for too long and needs to be addressed when I have a moment to sit down and figure out what needs to be done next. How?


I use my bullet journal in conjunction with the Getting Things Done system of David Allen. Combined these two systems help keep me on track with projects, day to day work, and things that I’m waiting for someone else to do for me. The GTD method for organizing my tasks makes it possible for me to get everything crossed off my list in record time. When used correctly, it makes my life so much easier. The times that I’ve missed something or delayed getting something accomplished can be traced back to when I figured I would ‘just remember’ it.


Tired of missing important dates, half finishing projects, leaving things on your to-do list for months, and forgetting who is doing what? Now is the time to go from a messy mind to a manageable life. It’s super easy to try and I challenge you to give it a go for a month or two and see how you feel afterward. If it doesn’t change your life, you’re no worse off than you are today.


Have you tried bullet journalling? What’s your favorite organizing system or app and why? Your comments are precious to us and welcome below.


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