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A-Z Challenge Knockdown or Knockoff

A-Z Challenge Knockdown or Knockoff

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K is for Knockoff or Knockdown

Are we living in a knock-off world or a knockdown world or both when it comes to consumer spending and the prices we’re willing to pay? Come on now, who doesn’t love to shop?


We are bombarded with knock-down prices that are geared to get you to spend more within an establishment. If an item being purchased is a knockdown price then you now may have more money to spend that will allow you to purchase more within the same store or somewhere else. What about that special corner of your home that needs a table or chair.


Most places are counting on you to spend more then you’ve planned. Or they’re hoping you at least talk about those knockdown prices because of great deals that are advertised.


What about those knockoffs? They look great, close to the real thing but not the original. Is it worth the money we’re spending? Well, that’s up to you to decide. Some of us even have knock-off items because of the knockdown prices. Knockoffs could be your DIY projects. This is what I like to see because the items are usually unique and creative. The prices may not be knocked down but again what you decide to pay or not, is up to you.


We would love to read your comments about your best knock down or knock off item.


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