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A-Z Challenge Informed or Ignorant

A-Z Challenge Informed or Ignorant

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I is for Informed or Ignorant


Keeping our minds informed helps us to keep from being ignorant.


Have you heard the phrase, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Today, we are on the information highway. Are we wasting our time and wasting our mind?


Many of us like to be well informed, but how do we keep ourselves informed without being overwhelmed? Well, it could depend on what you need to find out and how important it is to you.




Our mind and body can send us mixed messages. How many times have we made the statement, my mind says yes but my body is telling me no? We’ve been there. How we respond is what matters most.


If we have real challenges that seem to limit us, why let them keep us in ignorance? We all were given the abilities to learn and whatever way that works for you is the real. Some of the information we receive is very helpful.


I struggle with dry skin because of my location. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions, Vaseline being one of my go-to products. I feel where there is a will there is a way. So I began searching and asking around to friends and family what they use so that I could be well informed before taking my next leap in using another product that may not work in keeping my skin moisturized.


What I found was a natural way, with no chemicals involved. Using ingredients you have right in your kitchen. The combination gives off a great scent too.


  • Coconut oil + Lemon  juice
  • Mix ingredients in a small bowl
  • Apply to your body
  • Rinse off in the shower or use less sparingly after a shower
  • You will feel moisturized if you originally had dry skin.


Who knew? Now you and I do!


As babies entering into the world, we have had to approach most things in ignorance. Until we’ve taken in knowledge our minds were a pretty clean slate. Progression is what we need for our development. That means keeping our minds active and informed. What do you want to know about?


Let’s allow ourselves to learn something new, it empowers us instead of keeping us in a state of just settling or being unaware.


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