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A-Z Challenge House or Home?

A-Z Challenge House or Home?

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H is for House or Home


What does your home say about you?


Mom, this is a cry for help. Home is where the heart is. That’s what they say. Of course, a home can say a lot about a person. What does your home say about you? Since moving back to North America one of the toughest things was renting an apartment and trying to figure out what kind of furniture to buy to fill it up.


Understand, Matt and I have been living in a very poor country where most homes are not completely sealed from the outside elements. (I lost my cable cord to a flood just before coming here.) Buying nice things that could be rained on or worse lived in, just wasn’t in the plan. We sacrificed our desire for nice things instead for a clean and uncluttered home.


However, I didn’t like that there was nothing of my personality in my home so I vowed to change all of that with our new place in Canada. We purchased comfortable neutral furniture that we could decorate with bright accents. We like things simple and minimal.


My husband is a visual artist so our plan was to put up a few key pieces that he created as well as some photos of family and friends.


There’s only one problem: the apartment lease.


Most apartments don’t like you to make any permanent changes to the walls, floors or built-in storage options. That saves them time fixing it after a tenant leaves. I get it. However, we have stucco walls. Yes, concrete, stucco walls! (I so thought we were done with concrete walls when we left Nicaragua.)


There’s not a lot of personality in this place because we can’t hang anything up. So, we’ll have to get creative. I just haven’t been able to solve this teeny weeny problem.


There are a lot of youtube videos out there with advice on what to do in apartments to make them your own without losing your deposit. None of them deal with stucco walls. At least none that I could find.


Any clue as to what options there are for people with stucco cement apartment walls?


We’re dying over here with all these white walls.


I appreciate any ideas you have, Mom. Where can I get some more creative ideas to add some personality to this place?


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  • That’s a complicated problem. Perhaps resting art on easels leaned against the wall? Or a large sheet of the right metal leaned against a wall, and then using magnets to decorate it. Best of luck with your decorating.

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