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A-Z Challenge Friend or Foe

A-Z Challenge Friend or Foe
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F is for Friend or Foe


I started off very fond of my friend, the flip phone, but it became my foe. I’m talking about new technology. This has happened to many of us who have had to let go of old technology and require the new.



That’s how I felt about my flip phone, but I did wonder has it become my foe? Well, It took some time, but the change had to happen.



I eventually gave in and made a new friend yes the old flip for a smartphone, which only makes it smart because of the user. Yes, I can pat myself on the back for learning to use it, with all its new features and applications, but all along hoping that this does not happen again.



Well, change will happen in our lives and sometimes our attitudes about it will determine the relationship we have.
Sure, we can have a relationship with our phones, because we now carry most of our friends in it, and we use it all the time.



I have found that my relationship with my phone can still become a foe if I’m not mindful of how much time I spend with my new found friend.
I personally try to unplug and take some time to communicate face to face because that’s what makes true friends.


Is your phone a friend or foe?


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