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A-Z Challenge A Zealous Conclusion

A-Z Challenge A Zealous Conclusion

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Zealous Conclusion to A to Z


I was not zealous at the beginning of this challenge. But it is what I became. When I feel zeal I feel energized and most things are appealing to me. My mind is at peace, my energy level is up, it’s probably a sunny day so I’m getting my vitamin D and I’ve gotten enough sleep.


I have now reached the goal of doing the A-Z challenge with my daughter who supported me and became a motivator to me along with others in the challenge. This is something that I recommend others do. Especially, if it’s your first time and you think you can’t do it, get a buddy, mate, sister or daughter to do it along with you. You will not regret it. Zealous or not, like me, it will come once you’re doing it and you may find it rewarding too.


Group challenges make you accountable and yes we all need the push some time to get going. I found that this challenge helped me meet other goals I had set for myself and became a way for me to re-event my self.
I enjoyed reading the other A-Z post and learned much from them.


Thanks to the A-Z challenge I have jump-started and finished some other goals I needed to reach. Like tackling that beast in my house, I’m watching my spending even if I see markdowns, I’m keeping my mind informed and I still ask questions.


Were you zealous in this challenge? Let me know in comments below.


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