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A to Z Challenge Jack and Jill

A to Z Challenge Jack and Jill

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J is for Jack and Jill Travel


Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.


This nursery rhyme is one many have heard.

We may travel together with our ‘Jack or Jill’ but in ‘fetching that pail of water’ or trip do we have to fall for everything and stand for nothing? No, ladies and gents. This is a traveling adventure you both are apart of. If your ‘Jack or Jill have broken their crown’ or stride in the planning stages, you don’t have to tumble or stumble. We are all individuals and that includes when we travel. There are always options, I’m just saying!


Doing what’s unique to you makes both Jack and Jill traveling fun for all.

I like to start with where I’m traveling to, along with must see’s and do’s and of course what to wear. Yes, ladies, we want to be comfortable. Is there a pool or ocean involved? Then my bathing suit or cover up is going to be one of my priorities. Your Jack may like mountain climbing or golf. Well, one of his priorities may be footwear and golf tees or clubs.


What will join us together on a trip could be the open-mindedness and kindness we show each other when planning or supporting each other’s ideas. Pick a place that has what you both enjoy.


What we pack may be different, but what you share and discover as you travel will be priceless. Discover each other as you discover the world. Let your Jack be Jack and your Jill be Jill. 


What’s your dream trip with your Jack or Jill?


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