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A Black & White Royal Wedding

A Black & White Royal Wedding

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Mom and I both had very different takeaways from the royal wedding last weekend. If you missed mom’s thoughts check them out here.


No, I’m not talking about black and white wedding colors. I’m talking about a mixed raced couple getting into Windsor. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been the talk on both sides of the pond for the last year. 


Even if you didn’t watch the engagement or wedding you’ve seen Harry and Megan EVERYWHERE.


Being one half of a mixed-race couple, I’m not going to lie–it was awesome to see. There are many of us out there but this is the first time we’ve seen so many people of color in Windsor Castle. 


Things are changing every day but it’s still odd to see a couple from two different races together, especially in an area where there is more of one than the other. 


I wish it still wasn’t a surprise to see. It would be great if it didn’t matter, but let’s be real for a moment–it still does. 


The effects on British blacks


The effects on Black Americans


Any thoughts? Favorite wedding moments? Feel free to comment below.

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